Geschichtspark Balve


Now let's explore the neighborhood of your cabin a bit, Luise. Share a few stories of home! Where does your ore come from? Where do you mine lime? Is it really true that there's a cavity under the mountain here that could hold an entire shooting match, or even shaggy prehistoric monsters?


The "Steel Time Travelers" Luise & Alfred: Geschichtspark Balve

Visitor information

Parkplatz Balver Höhle
Helle 2
58802 Balve
Phone. 02375/926158

Opening hours:
The area is accessible 24 hours a day.

Deutsches Drahtmuseum

EisenStahl 21 Drahtmuseum

There are good reasons why the German Museum of Wire is located in Altena: this town is known as national wire capital since the Middle Ages. What this means in economic terms is evident to visitors at every turn: wire has always been indispensable – from chain mail to superconductors. That's why Altena wire was traded long ago in the Ruhr area and as far as Scandinavia and Eastern Europe …

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Lennepromenade and city center Altena


The Lenne flows intoxicatingly fast through this arch. Even the castle hardly protects its citizens when the snow melts in the Sauerland or the rain pelts down and consequently the water level rises. But when the sun is shining, there is hardly a better place for a promenade along the river and the railroad. A place to linger, don't you think, Luise? Tss - she's disappeared again in one of those neat little shops!?

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Historic Industrial Trail "Drahtrollenroute"


Twelve wirehouses in one fell swoop. And you want to be an industrial pioneer, Al? Here you can see what led to creative power with water power long before you Ruhrpottlers: The Springer Bach is the lifeblood of the Zöger and drive at the same time. The needles, which are manufactured here, go also through toughest leather and into all world, dearest Mr. "Steel Baron"!

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