Ladies and gentlemen, dear guests and steel time travelers!

Come with us on a spectacular journey into the past! Take a seat on a steaming train, on a bicycle or in the saddle of a proud steed! You can also travel across the Ruhr region and through South Westphalia on foot or in mountain boots, to the lofty heights of winding towers and blast furnaces, into the dark abysses of mines or along gushing rivers and streams with impressive dams.

Witness how our protagonists Luise and Alfred, alias "Lu & Al", discover the masterful achievements around mining, iron and steel, water or railroads!

Witness how the two take each other for a ride or brag, how they outdo each other on questions like: Who invented it? Why can't you do without me and vice versa?

This unique steel time travel took place in the 19th century something like this or something like that. Lu & Al met by chance in a railroad car of the Ruhr-Sieg-Bahn. While doing so, they praised the advantages and benefits of their home regions in Luise's "Land of a Thousand Mountains" and Alfred's "Ruhrpott".

Of course, they did not know then how the course of later history would change and influence their destinations, little did they know what would remain some 150 years later. Where they were wrong or where they actually looked wisely into the future ...

Look forward to real contemporary witnesses! Get on board and drive off, please!

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